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I'm Moni, I'm twenty-something, I'm from Prague, Czech Republic (right next to Germany :D) and you may know me as monicky_sminecky on Instagram. I also write a blog with the same name (

I have studied law and economics and I spend a lot of my free time with my big family, my boyfriend or my friends. I like traveling (although there is not much money left for it lately, and also I'm kind of afraid of flying), so I like cooking, eating and playing with my makeup. I also like reading, playing volleyball, skiing, riding a bike, watching series, going for walks and burning candles. :)

My great passion is makeup (and food too, but I would not dare to write a foodblog, since I would most certainly eat all the food before I could even take a picture of it :D). On the contrary, I do not really enjoy clothing. I hate trying on all the clothes in cabins just to find out that it is not a great fit and then having to return it and look again.

Makeup is much better than that, there is just one size that fits all! :P

I have been fascinated by makeup since I was a child, back then, I had to somehow suppress it, though. Now I'm a big girl and I like to give myself a good full-face of makeup from time to time :). I like to pull off darker shades of lipstick, since I am convinced that lipstick looks great on every woman and that women should not be afraid of it! :)

In spite of everything mentioned, I'm trying to be economical and to save money, I rarely buy makeup at Sephora or other higher-end shops and lately, I have been enjoying using my makeup up rather than buying new products. I just find something satifsying about makeup empties. I am a sucker for lipsticks, eyeshadows and nailpolishes, though, so I have still quite a lot of them. I can’t help myself but love all those colors :). As I’ve said and as you may know from my Instagram, I love using my makeup up and you can find out why am I doing this and why I enjoy it in the section Project pan.

I love makeup because for me, makeup products are toys. Lots of colors, textures, fragrances, beautiful packaging – that is just perfection and fun. I enjoy alternating my daily makeup, since that way I can always look a bit different. All this doesn‘t mean I could not get off my house without any makeup on.

I hope that you join the makeup junkies community on this website and that you share your makeup collection progress with us!

So, yay for makeup and don’t forget, not even ton of makeup could help to cover an ugly soul! :P

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