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Do you love makeup? Do you ever go to the drugstore and buy even what you don’t need? Do you go shopping when you want to cheer yourself up? Do you want to try new products that you’ve heard about on the internet? Then you probably own more makeup than you really need.

But you’ve got just one face. And makeup does go bad.

Project pan means a project where you try to use up makeup products or you try to make a dent in them. These projects may exist in different forms, but perhaps the most popular one and the oldest one is the Project 10 pan, which means that you basically focus on using up 10 makeup products. A very popular one is also Pan that palette, where you choose an eyeshadow palette and you try to use it up. Some panners also like seasonal projects such as project 18 in 2018, where you focus on finishing 18 items within 2018.

Powder panning progress

It depends on each of you how many products you want to focus on, whether you want to finish them or you just want to make a dent in them. Some panners try to finish what is oldest from their collections, some declutter the oldest pieces and rather focus on newer pieces.

The word pan indicates the metal part of an eyeshadow, so what panners often want is to hit the pan. Products with actual pans are basically eyeshadows or powders. The term panning community indicates the group of people that focuses on makeup use-up. I call this community Makeup junkies on my webpage, though, since I welcome here not only panners, but also people that just want to keep track of their makeup collections using makeup inventory.

How did I come across Project pan?

It was very simple. My makeup started accumulating and I became stressed out about not using enough products up. What bothered me was that I didn’t have time to rotate my makeup and that sometimes I bought new products, meanwhile a bit older products were laying on my table, untouched. Of course I realized that makeup goes bad and that cream products dry up, so I had bad conscience and I felt wasteful. So I started using my products up, focusing first on what goes bad fast. I found out that there was the panning community on the internet and that I was not the only one thinking like that. I joined the community and started to share my journey.

Life of lipstick

For me, using up what I already have makes more sense than buing new things all the time. I really like watching videos of panning progress, about makeup declutters or watching pictures of used up products, panning progress and I find something very satisfying about them. Of course that you may find out that swapping buying by using what you have saves you a lot of money and you may support this effect with no buys (you don’t buy new stuff for a certain period of time). So, for example in my case, I can focus on saving money for mortgage :). Lately I have been also enjoying minimalism lifestyle, the thought of tidying up according to Marie Kondo and over all, I try to avoid consumerism. PD: my favourite youtubers doing project pans that inspired me a lot are PrettyPistol86 and AmberF.

This all doesn’t mean that I don’t like to buy something nice and new from time to time. But it is rather rare these days. :)

So, how many makeup have you used up in your life so far? Not much? So go ahead and start using what you have, so that your collection could be a more reasonable size! :)

You may insert your numbers of products in this online makeup inventory and get excited about your progress.

Eyeshadow panporn
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